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Paul Stacey


Based in Canada I work from my home just outside of Vancouver.


My entire career has been in the education sector with a special focus on use of educational technology for adult learning. About 50% of my work experience has been in the private sector and 50% in the public sector. My private sector experience has been primarily in the high tech sector. I worked for small startup tech companies in the 1980's and in the 1990's worked for Hughes Aircraft leading the development and delivery of training associated with use and maintenance of large scale air traffic control systems around the world. I left the private sector to help create a new online university from scratch and after the launch of that university continued on in higher education leading initiatives around online learning, teaching and learning professional development, and Open Educational Resources (OER). Having worked in both the private and the public sector I'm fluent in the cultures of both and can bridge between them easily.


As a senior leader I've had the responsibility of leading large scale multi-million dollar initiatives. I understand how to manage finances and teams to generate results on time and on budget. I have a flair for interpersonal relations and know how to bring out the best in people. I also have a nose for business and have frequently had responsibilities for generating new business opportunities and landing new contracts. 

I have four degrees including a B.Sc in Biology, a B.A. in Psychology, a B.Ed in Education, and an M.Ed. in Adult Learning and Global Change.


I'm especially interested in education from an international and global perspective. This interest began when I worked for Hughes Aircraft of Canada in the 1990's where I was involved with projects in Switzerland, Indonesia, and China. Since then I've gone on to take a 100% online international graduate program called Adult Learning and Global Change involving students and instructors from four universities around the world - University of British Columbia (Canada), Linköping University (Sweden), University of the Western Cape (South Africa), and University of Technology, Sydney (Australia). After graduating from that program I became an Associate Faculty member at Royal Roads University where I co-developed and taught an online International and Global Distance Education course for the Master of Arts in Learning and Technology program.




University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

2006, Master of Education, Adult Learning and Global Change


University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

1980, Bachelor of Education, Education, University of Ottawa

Ontario Teaching Certificate


University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

1979, Bachelor of Science, Biology

1978, Bachelor of Arts, Psychology


As you can tell from the above degrees I'm multi-disciplinary equally adept in arts, science and education.

In addition to these complete degrees I've taken courses from the following programs:

Intercultural Studies, University of British Columbia (1997)

Multimedia Studies, University of British Columbia (1995)

Visual Arts, Simon Fraser University (1994-95) 


Career Timeline


2013- 17       Associate Director of Global Learning, Creative Commons, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

2012-13        Senior Project Manager, Creative Commons, Mountain View, California

2009-12        Director of Communications, Stakeholder & Academic Relations, BCcampus, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

2003-09        Director of Development, BCcampus, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

2002-03        Business Developer, eLearning Innovation Centre, SFU, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

1998-2002    Director Corporate Education, Technical University of British Columbia, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

1997-98        Training Manager, Raytheon Systems Company, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

1996-97        Training Manager, Hughes Aircraft of Canada, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

1995-96        International Product Support Lead, Hughes Aircraft of Canada, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

1992-94        International Training Lead, Hughes Aircraft of Canada, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

1991-92        Air Traffic Control Curriculum Developer, Transport Canada National Training Institute, Cornwall, Ontario, Canada

1989-91        Training Manager, Up & Running Systems, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

1987-91        Graphics, Desktop Publishing, & Multimedia Trainer, Up & Running Systems, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

1985-86        Business Assistant, Educational Motivation Systems, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

1982-84        Special Education Teacher, Carleton Board of Education, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Core Competencies


• The Commons and the social and economic aspects of commoning

• Open Education - OER, Open Access, Open Pedagogies, Open Licenses

• Executive Level Leadership, Planning, Operations, and Management

• Business Development - strategy, vision, new business pursuit

• Educational Technology – Online Learning

• Collaboration, Partnership & Consortia Building

• Program & Curriculum Design, Development and Delivery

• Online Communities and Faculty Development

• International Education

• Communication and Marketing


Work Experience Highlights


I've had the honour to work with many talented people.

I'd like to acknowledge them for mentoring me and being part of the many teams I've had the privilege of leading.

The following highlights of my own work experience would not have been possible without them.


Creative Commons

At Creative Commons as Associate Director of Global Learning I worked with educators all around the world on adopting and using Creative Commons licenses for Open Educational Resources, Open Access, open data, and open policy. I've led a wide range of education partnerships and initiatives including the US Department of Labor TAACCCT program (the largest OER initiative in the world), the Open Policy Network, lead facilitator and mentor for the Institute for Open Leadership, and the US State Department Open Book Project for the Middle East and Northern Africa. I've been the lead for the development of Creative Commons certificates for librarians, educators, and government. As part of my work I give presentations and keynotes at many events. All presentations are posted to http://www.slideshare.net/Paul_Stacey.


With my colleague Sarah Pearson I co-wrote a Kickstarter funded book called Made With Creative Commons published in May 2017.

Made With Creative Commons is a book about sharing. It is about sharing textbooks, music, data, art, and more. People, organizations, and businesses all over the world are sharing their work using Creative Commons licenses because they want to encourage the public to reuse their works, to copy them, to modify them. They are Made with Creative Commons. But if they are giving their work away to the public for free, how do they make money? This is the question this book sets out to answer. There are 24 in-depth examples of different ways to sustain what you do when you share your work. And there are lessons, about how to make money but also about what sharing really looks like — why we do it and what it can bring to the economy and the world. Full of practical advice and inspiring stories, Made with Creative Commons is a book that shows you what it really means to share.



At BCcampus I was part of the senior leadership team providing education technology services for the entire public post-secondary system of British Columbia including all twenty five universities and colleges. Our focus was on generating inter-institutional partnerships and collaborations providing services that no one institution can do on their own. At BCcampus I had overall responsibilities for curriculum development and delivery (particularly Open Educational Resources), communities and academic growth, communication and marketing, and stakeholder relations. 


Senior management planning and project management responsibilities including vision, goals, budgets, schedules, policies, and contracting.


Overall responsibility for client service team of staff who provide technology based services for:

  • Student Services and Data Exchange
  • Curriculum Development and Delivery
  • Educational Applications and Services
  • Communities and Academic Growth


As part of the curriculum development and delivery service area I lead the design and development of an Open Educational Resources initiative for British Columbia's public post-secondary system.

The BCcampus Open Educational Resource initiative comprised of:

  • Online Program Development Fund - annual Ministry of Advanced Education funding from 2003-2010 totaling $9 million dollars, distributed to inter-institutional partnerships for development of online learning courses and credentials. History, summary, and analysis of the outcome of this fund can be found at https://portal.bccampus.ca/confluence/display/OPDF/OPDF+Analysis
  • Open Licenses - Creative Commons and a unique BC Commons license used to make the course resources developed through the Online Program Development Fund freely shareable and reusable by others.
  • Shareable Online Learning Resources Repository (SOL*R) - a database housing all the course resources developed through the Online Program Development Fund making them available to be previewed and downloaded by others.


This work established the foundation for the current BCcampus Open Textbook initiative.


As part of the communities and academic growth area I lead the deployment of a network of online communities and support development of teaching and learning and the use of educational technology across British Columbia's public post-secondary system.

A sample of initiatives in the BCcampus communities and academic growth service area includes:


Develop and implement strategy that leads to partnerships across educational sectors and within the public post-secondary system using a connect, collaborate, innovate approach to stakeholders.


I'm also responsible for communications and marketing and as part of that work have responsibilities for BCcampus web sites and collateral such as:


The Ministry of Advanced Education proclaimed 2010-2011 the Year of Science and I took on management responsibilities for the design, development, and hosting of the Year of Science web site including a mobile version.


Through 2007 I led the design, development, and implementation of an interactive online game for students called Dare2BDigital which used real online learning courses to promote awareness of, and enrolments in, online learning offerings from BC's public post secondary institutions. Dare2BDigital won a 2008 WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies (WCET) Outstanding Work Award (WOW)


eLearning Innovation Centre, Simon Fraser University

Develop and maintain Simon Fraser University's course management system and design online programs for units within the university. Partner with institutions abroad and undertake research into online learning.


Technical University of British Columbia

Part of core team that created a new high tech university from scratch. Involved with curriculum development including programs in interactive arts, information technology, and management and technology. Technology design, multiple online pedagogical models, and team based development process. Creation of TechBC Corp. the 'business front-end' of this new university and industry partnerships. Transition support during amalgamation with Simon Fraser University.


Hughes Aircraft of Canada and Raytheon Systems

Led the for profit provision of training and education programs that accompany the sale of a large scale air traffic control system to a country. Managed teams for design, development, and delivery of educational training programs for international customers (Canada, Indonesia, Switzerland, China) including the technical training for all the engineers who support and maintain an air traffic control system and the air traffic controllers themselves who need to know how to operate the new system.


Transport Canada National Training Institute

Revise Canada’s national air traffic controller curriculum to reduce the greater than fifty percent failure rates and include use of concept visualizers and 3D real time interactive simulators.


Up & Running Systems

Manage a team of instructors in the development of an entire curriculum of courses providing training on popular office productivity and multimedia software applications as a for profit division of a Macintosh computer company.


Educational Motivation Systems

Develop, market, and support the business operations of an educational book and games company.


Carleton Board of Education

Develop an educational program and teach severely autistic children who cannot read, write, or talk.


Conference Presentations and Workshops


Open Harvest - Toward an agenda on a global open data commons for agriculture and food. Crete - June 2017

Beyond Licensing - The social and economic aspects of building an open data commons


TU Delft - Open Business Models Workshop, May 2017

Open Business Models


Open Education Global 2017 Conference. Cape Town - March 2017

Creative Commons Certificates


Open Education Global 2017 Conference. Cape Town - March 2017

Made With Creative Commons


Open Education Conference. Richmond Virginia - November 2016

Made With Creative Commons - Open Business Models


UNESCO Paris - June 2015

Implementing the Paris OER Declaration - Phase 2


WCET Open Education Week - March 2015

Education Innovations with Creative Commons - from OER, to Pedagogy, to Policy


Athabasca University Open Education Week - March 2015

Sustainability Strategies for Open Educational Resources


Open Education Conference, Washington D.C. - November 2014

Using Multiple Means of Open to Solve Global Food Safety


Qatar University, Doha Qatar - October 2014

Technology Enhanced Learning & Openness for Faculty


National Center for e-Learning & Distance Learning, Saudi Arabia - October 2014

Success Factors for a National OER Initiative 


US Department of Labor National TAACCCT Convening, Washington D.C. USA, November-2014

Creative Commons and Open Education Resources (OER): The Big Picture and Opportunity for TAACCCT Grantees 


TAACCCT-ON conference, Topeka Kansas - September 2014

Creative Commons: What it Means to TAACCCT Grantees


ABC Copyright Conference, Victoria BC Canada - May-2014

Keynote presentation on ABCs of CC


World Bank Global Food Safety Partnership (GFSP), Aarhus Denmark - April 2014

Global Food Safety Partnership Open Models Concept


European Foundation for Management Development Deans and Directors Conference in Gothenburg Sweden - January 2014

Pedagogy of MOOCs


Open Education Conference - November 2013

Large Scale OER - A TAACCCT Case Study


Foothill College Tech Conference - October 2013

Creative Commons and Open Educational Resources: Building the Future of Education Together


University of British Columbia Open Access Week Keynote - October 2013

Open Freedoms / Open Practices


University of Cape Town - October 2013

The Pedagogy of MOOCs


Colorado Consortium for Health Care Education Online - June 2013

Open Licensing Requirements - Unraveling the Mystery


Kwantlen Polytechnic University - April 2013

Open Scenarios in Higher Education


League of Innovations Conference - March 2013

Impact and Opportunity of OER - A DOL TAACCCT Case Study


University of British Columbia - March 2013

How OER, Open Textbooks, and MOOCs are Changing Education


Kwantlen Polytechnic University Workshop - February 2013

Adopting Open Textbooks


Adult Learning & Global Change Institute - December 2012

Building a Global Adult Learning Commons


Douglas College Faculty of Science and Technology keynote - December 2012

Latest developments in open source educational materials including open textbooks


Open Education Conference - October 2012

Creative Commons


Council of Chief State School Officers, Implementing the Common Core Standards Pre-Conference on OER - August 2012

OER (Open Educational Resources) 101 & OER Synthesis & Call To Action


Student Engagement In Our Digital World, Thompson Rivers University Keynote - May 2012

The Senses, The Social, & The Mind


Kings University Open Access Open Minds Keynote - May 2012

Opportunity Side of Open


EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative 2012 Annual Meeting - February 2012
NANSLO: Putting Science Labs Online with Pat Shea and Rhonda Epper


Open Content Licensing 4 Educators - January 2012 & June 2012


Funding Open Educational Resources: Sustainability - October 2011, with Cable Green and James Glapa-Grossklag


WCET Annual Conference - October 2011

"North American Network of Science Labs Online: Working Together Internationally" with Pat Shea, and Dan Branan


North American Network of Science Labs Online Workshop - September 2011


Designing OERu Credentials - September 2011


ABC Copyright Conference - June 2011

The Opportunity Side of Open


Educational Technology Users Group - June 2011

North American Network of Science Labs Online (NANSLO): BC Innovation Goes International with Ron Evans and Gina Bennett


Moodle Moot Canada - May 2011

Talking About All Things Open - keynote panel with Stephen Downes, Terry Anderson, Cindy Ives and Gavin Henrick

Design The Future of eLearning - crowdsourced from conference participants future of eLearning poster


Privacy and Cloud-based Educational Technology Conference with Tori Klassen and many others - April 2011


Open Education Conference - November 2010

Foundation Funded OER vs. Tax Payer Funded OER - A Tale of Two Mandates


Educational Technology Users Group - June, 2010

"Architecting EdTech"


Educational Developers Caucus - February, 2010

"The Learn Together Collaboratory" with Andrew Marchand, Sylvia Currie, and Nancy Randall


WCET Annual Conference - October 2009

"Autonomy vs. Collaboration – How to Build Collaborative System Services For Educators" with Luc Comeau, Cheryl Comstock, and Curt Madison


Open Education Conference - August 2009

"Publicly Funded Open Educational Resources - a Local Open Education Resources Model"


Improving University Teaching - July 2009

"Creating Collaborative Online Communities of Practice: Challenges and Opportunities" with Nancy Randall, Tom Carey, Sylvia Currie, and Andrew Marchand


Canadian e-Learning Conference - June 2009

"Making Open Work"


WCET Annual Conference - November 2008

"Dare2BDigital - E-Learning Marketing: Tips from the WOW Award for Marketing Winners"


Tech It Up - Teaching With Technology - August 2008

"BCcampus Support for Online Program Development"


Fifth Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning (PCF5), "Access to Learning for Development" - July 2008



SCoPE Virtual Conference - May 2008

"Shaping our Future: Toward a Pan-Canadian E-learning Research Agenda" with Terry Anderson, George Siemens, and Sylvia Currie


Haida Gwaii Broadband Symposium - November 2007

"Higher Education Via Broadband"


BCNET Making Connections Sharing Knowledge for Greater Innovation - April 2007

"Breaking Down the Barriers: Collaborative Tools that Keep Us Connected" with Terry Fuller, Lynda Williams, Geoffrey Payne, Jo McFetridge, Matt Wasowski


University System of Georgia - April 2007

"Legal Open Educational Resources"


Small Cities Community University Research Alliance - October 2006

"Mapping CURA - Online Communities" with Dan O'Reilly


Open Education Conference - September 2006

"A Dialogue on Open Educational Resources (OER) and Social Authoring Models" with Ruth Rominger


World Bank International Finance Corporation Education Conference - January 2006

"Open Education - Open Source Software and Open Content"


World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Health Care and Higher Education - October 2005

“Using Open Source Models for Online Higher Education Resources – A Best Practice”


21st Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning, Wisconsin - August 2005

“Online Communities for Faculty Support”


Online Educa, Berlin - December 2004

"Share, Reuse, Modify, and Distribute – Using Open Source Models for Copyright and Distribution of E-Learning Content in the Public Post-Secondary Sector"


TeleLearning Network of Centres of Excellence Conference - November 2002

“Academic vs. Corporate Models of the Virtual University” with Tom Calvert


WebNet 99 World Conference on the WWW and Internet  - October 1999

“The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth – Designing a New University for the Next Millennium” 


Reports and Publications


I write a popular blog called EdTech Frontier.


Calvert, T. and P. Stacey (2003), Learning for an e-Connected World, in The e-Connected World, Stephen Coleman editor, McGill Queens University Press.


Currie, S., Delich, P., Stacey, P. (2010). Cultivating Communities of Practice: Analysis of Three Case Studies Using the Seven Principles. in Sandy Hirtz and Kevin Kelly (Ed.) Education for a Digital World 2.0, Vol. 2, pp. 33-66.


Cultural Human Resource Council (2009). Canadian Digital Media Content Creation Technology Road Map, Visioning and Working Group contributor.

Pearson, S. and P. Stacey (2017), Made With Creative Commons - a book about open business models, Ctrl-Alt-Delete Press.


Stacey, P. (2014) Pedagogy of MOOCs. In International Journal for Innovation and Quality in Learning http://papers.efquel.org/index.php/innoqual/article/view/161/50 


Stacey, P., T. Bernardo, G. Fons (2014) Global Food Safety Partnership Open Models Concept Paper

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vu32IGVjbNVqsAer0huFJBXhfBCBBT2XPWeNstmZLKU/edit?usp=sharing submitted for publication to  F1000Research Open for Science http://f1000research.com/


Stacey, P. (2011). Open Education and Policy. A Creative Commons Talks With interview https://creativecommons.org/weblog/entry/26963


Stacey, P. (2010). Foundation Funded OER vs. Tax Payer Funded OER – A Tale of Two Mandates. Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Open Ed Conference 2010 proceedings, http://hdl.handle.net/10609/5241


Stacey, P. (2013). Government support for open educational resources: Policy, funding, and strategies, International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, Vol 14, No 2, pp. 67-80 http://www.irrodl.org/index.php/irrodl/article/view/1537.


Stacey, P. (2009). OER Stories - BCcampus. in United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization OER Wiki, http://oerwiki.iiep-unesco.org/index.php?title=OER_stories


Stacey, P. (2007). Open Educational Resources in a Global Context. First Monday, Volume 12, No. 4, April 2007. http://firstmonday.org/htbin/cgiwrap/bin/ojs/index.php/fm/article/view/1769/1649


Stacey, P. (2006). Open for Innovation. BCcampus white paper http://www.bccampus.ca/assets/Content/Whitepapers/Open for Innovation.pdf


Author of monthly E-Learning column for T-Net, the online web portal for BC’s high tech industry – http://www.bctechnology.com (from April 2000 to July 2004)


A Systems & Software Engineering Perspective of E-Learning: January 5th, 2001

The Future of Learning - Negotiated Personalization: June 29th, 2001

The Big 8 - Questions to Answer in Planning & Implementing E-Learning: July 27th, 2001

E-Learning Value Chain/Market Map and BC E-Learning Companies: January 25th, 2002

Canadian Companies Rock at Online Learning 2002: September 27, 2002

People to People not just People to Content - Learning Environments for Active and Alive Content: February 14th, 2003

Online Communities and the Secret Sauce: June 13th, 2003

Blown Away by RSS Feeds & Blogs: July 25th, 2003

Digital Game Based Learning & Simulations: September 5th, 2003

Online Pedagogies for Active Learning: October 17th, 2003

Copyright and E-Learning Business Models: April 30th, 2004

Webcasting: June 4th, 2004




2006 -  Research online community quality of life indicators as part of a SSHRC funded Community University Research Alliance (CURA) Mapping Quality of Life & the Culture of Small Cities - Small Cities Online Research Community


2002 - 2004 Research and develop networks of exemplary Canadian communities for the design, development, evaluation and exchange of learning objects as part of eduSourceCanada a CANARIE funded research project to create a testbed of linked and interoperable learning object repositories across Canada and provide leadership in the ongoing development of the associated tools, systems, protocols and practices that support such an infrastructure.




2008 Western Cooperative for Educational Telecommunications (WCET) Outstanding Work Award (WOW) for Dare2BDigital

1974 Ontario Scholar (first class honours grades 9 through 13)


Selected Board & Committee Memberships


2011-2012 North American Network of Science Labs Online Advisory Board

2012 Open Education Conference Program Committee

2011 Canadian MoodleMoot Conference Program Committee

2009 Canadian E-Learning Conference Program Committee

2007 Canadian MoodleMoot Conference Program Committee

2006 Standards for K-12 Distributed Learning in BC Committee

2006 Provincial ePortfolio Committee Chair

2003 - present BC Educational Technology Users Group Steering Committee

2002 - present LearningTimes.org Editorial Board


2002 Founding member of the Canadian eLearning Enterprise Alliance

2001 Founding member and inaugural board member of eLearningBC a consortia of British Columbia e-learning companies and organizations 

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